Make-up bag essentials


I'm not really the type to apply makeup in public. Once I've left the house, I never re-apply my makeup or rarely even check it. It's only recently that I have started touching up my lipstick now and then but I still hardly even wear that! But there are times where I sometimes catch my reflection in a car window and wish that I had something to correct whatever smudge I have on my face. So I've decided to create my own little emergency makeup bag - which has more tools and handy products than actual makeup.

I got this bag from Primark, they actually do have a nice range of makeup bags but I always feel like they're poor quality. However, when I saw this one, I couldn't help but buy it - Look how pretty it is! I was worried that it was going to be a really itchy material that would catch on my clothes and pull on the lining of my bags, but it's actually really soft! It is a bit bulky when it's jam packed with products but I think it is the perfect size for me. It has two compartments which are secured with a nice sturdy zip. I decided to keep all my essentials in the first compartment and then makeup in the second.

So, inside the essentials compartment I have the following things. First up is a packet of tissues, it is so typical of me to need a tissue when I don't have one. So this is a huge must for me! They are always handy and quite frankly, everyone should have a pack in their purse! Another essential is anti bacterial gel, even though I always forget to apply this (I know, it's so bad), you just never know when you're going to need it - like when you accidentally touch gum underneath the table ugh! A handy tool to have is a pocket mirror, mine is from h&m and I think it is around £2.99. It is a bit scuffed from the amount of bags I have chucked it into, but it's always good to have one on hand. Last but not least is a hand cream. Although I usually don't use hand cream, my hands always get a little dry at work - particularly in the colder months. Plus you could use it for dry knees or elbows and pretty much anywhere that gets dry.

In the makeup compartment, I keep it simple with a little Powder compact for those days when my face looks quite oily and I keep a basic powder brush in there too - mine is from elf. Then I will keep a small black eyeliner, a basic concealer - latelty I've been carrying around the L'oreal True Match Concealer because it's dinky enough to fit in the bag. Then I keep a nice neutral or subtle pink lip product just incase I have some last minute plans to meet up with some friends after uni or work.

What essentials do you have in your makeup bag? Oh, and I'd love to see how pretty your make-up bag is so go ahead and tweet me your pictures at @Newgirlbeauty

Love Neelam xx

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