Makeup Revolution's Death by Chocolate Palette Review + Swatches


White Light, Don't Let Go, Break Me Up, Consume Me, All is Lost
Lick Me, Fool's Gold, One More Bar, Devour Me, Tear the Wrapper, Love You to Death
Pray for Me, Dipped, Tease Me, Set Me Free, Bring Down Angels

Yes I know, another makeup review by Makeup Revolution. But I just can't get enough of the brand!! I'm so obsessed with this gorgeous Death By Chocolate palette, the variety of the colours in this palette are really nice. There are a lot of shimmer shades, mainly cool toned colours. I'm not a huge fan of cool-toned colours, but there are still many colours that I think I can work with. I like the shade Pray for me, Don't Let Go and Tear the Wrapper. These are crazy pigmented and I like the way they are easy to blend. I have to say I'm probably more likely to go for the Naked Palette as the colours in there are more my kind of colours, but I definitely want to experiment with these colours. Bring Down Angels is such a gorgeous warm-toned highlight/inner corner shade which I have been really enjoying. I'm hoping to create a makeup look with the shades from this palette so keep an eye out for that. This palette is only £7.99 and you can buy it on the makeup revolution website. Is this a palette you'd consider trying and if you already have it, how much do you love it?

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