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In my eyes, a girl can never have enough makeup brushes. Yes I have my favourites that no brush can replace, but I like how a different brush can really change the way your makeup looks and appears. Lately I've been loving the Zoeva brushes. I've been using most of the brushes above on a daily basis. They're such good quality and affordable too! You can buy them off the official Zoeva website, but if you live in the UK like myself, the postage can add up a bit, so I've been getting mine from love-makeup or beauty bay. The actual brushes are roughly the same price at all sites, it's just the shipping rate that varies. Of course there are some things that are exclusive to the Zoeva official website. I'm going to give you a brief outline of each of the brushes and let you know how I like to use them.

This brush was the one I wanted the most when I first bought from Zoeva. I never really had a good check brush that made it easy to apply small amounts of blush. This brush does exactly what I wanted, it doesn't just cake on the blush like many others. I love that it just glides on the skin and blends your cheek makeup so easily. You could easily use this brush to contour or bronze with, it's the ultimate cheek brush!

Although I don't use this brush that much, I find it a staple for any girl who likes gel liner. It's at the perfect angle to get a nice precise line. I like that it is quite sturdy which I find makes it easier to control when doing a wing. If you want to learn how to perfect your winged liner then I definitely recommend trying this brush out!

Funnily enough, I don't use this brush for my brows. I use to tightline my lower lashes with eyeshadow to give the impression of thicker lashes. It's the perfect shape to get right under those lashes and because it's so wide it doesn't take long at all. I've not tried using it for my brows but I can imagine it to make the job a lot quicker!

Behold the best eyeshadow brush, ever! This brush has really changed my and my perception of eyeshadow - yes it sounds drastic, but I really do love it! I find this brush so useful for blending out transitional colours as it's fluffy and super soft. I've used this with powder products and cream products and it works just as well. If I had to use only one eyeshadow brush, it would 100% be this one! Honestly, you need this!

Personally, I prefer the original version of this brush. It just isn't as fluffy, which is likely to be because of the hairs that it is made from. You can still blend with it, but I would use it on colours that you don't want too blended and just something to soften up your look slightly. I think it's great to use to add your base colour or to pack on colour.

This is the latest brush in my collection and I am not disappointed! I've been on the hunt for a brush that is blends my foundation well enough that it looks natural and seamless - but I still wanted something that would give me good coverage. This brush does the job for me perfectly, it's easy to blend out and I find I need less foundation to get the coverage I want. I gently swirl it around my face to ensure all my imperfections are covered and whatever is left on the brush I stipple on to the areas where I feel I want a better coverage. This is basically a slightly bigger version of the expert face brush by Real Techniques.

When I first got this, I wasn't sure if it would be helpful for me. I'm not usually one to pack on a tonne of colour on my eyes as I much prefer a more subtle, blended look. However, this brush is perfect for cream eyeshadows as initially you want a good amount of product on your eyes and no fluffy brush can do this. I always ensure to blend the edges out whenever I use this brush because otherwise it can look too harsh. I've tried this for some shimmery shades too and it's great as it picks up the actual pigment and not just the shimmery reflects.

I have to admit, when I saw this online I imagined it to be more fluffy and hoped that I could use it as big fluffy blending brush - but I was wrong. The concealer buffer is basically like a mini version of the 102 silk finish brush. The hairs are packed together very tightly so there isn't a lot of movement between them. However, it really is perfect for it's original use. When I have a bit more time on my hands I use this brush to apply concealer on my under eyes because it packs it on well enough to get good coverage but you can also blend it so that it looks natural. I also use it around my nose and under my chin to cover any redness.

Overall, I really love the Zoeva brushes and I pretty much use most of them on a daily basis. I would love to build my collection, so if you have any recommendations that please let me know in the comments below! :)

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  1. These look great. I use Real Techniques ones but I am so tempted to try these ones out.

    1. If definitely give these a go! I find the zoeva eye brushes are a lot softer than real techniques so it might be worth trying those! X

  2. Oooh these brushes all look great!!! I really like Zoeva products but still haven't managed to try their brushes!

    Layla xx