Easter Hunt Inspired Cupcake Recipe


It's the Easter weekend - a great time to make exciting treats to really impress your friends and family! I was inspired to make these cupcakes after searching Easter Cupcakes on Pinterest! There are so many creative recipes out there but I thought these looked super cute and it's a pretty easy recipe too. These are super fun to make with young children who can get creative with decorating. If you want to really get inventive, you can buy mini chicks from places like Hobby Craft and pop them in between the mini eggs.

The actual cupcakes are just a basic chocolate cupcakes, I used the recipe from Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook (this book is amazing!). If you think chocolate cupcakes are a bit rich, then you could always use a normal vanilla fairy cake recipe. However, I think the brown base makes it look more earthy and gives it more character. 

The Grass is made from Buttercream icing, I used the recipe from the back of the SilverSpoon Icing Sugar box,and simply added Green food colouring. Now, I wanted a bright green but my food colouring made it look quite dull. I unfortunately had no yellow food colouring to brighten it up, but you could use Green food gel  which I'd image to be brighter. Then to get the effect of grass, you need a Piping bag and a piping tip. The tip number you need is 233. I bought a set from eBay, years back, which has 15 or so different designed tips. Luckily one similar to the 233 was in there. I'm sure you can find these in Supermarkets but if you have a Hobbycraft near you then they'll definitely have it! You basically use the piping bag in a stippling kind of motion - start by squeezing your piping bag fairly near to the cupcake and begin lifting it up until you're about 1/4 inch away, then let go. It's as simple as that! You just have to repeat the motion all around the cupcake, until it is more or less covered. Don't worry if you can still see the cupcake, as I said before, it makes it look more natural!

To give it it's finishing touch, just add your mini eggs, or any other dinky Easter decorations and you're good to go. It's so simple to do and doesn't take long at all! I hope you all have an amazing Easter and if you recreate these cupcakes then definitely tweet them to me so I can see your masterpieces!

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