The pros and cons of Liquid Liner


Last week I did a post on the pros and cons of Gel liner, and as promised, I'm going to do the same for liquid liner. At the moment, I have been reaching for liquid liner more and as most of you know my absolute favourite product to use is the Collection long lasting liquid liner. I can't fault this product and it's made it so much easier to get a good wing. So if you want to start experimenting with liquid liner I would definitely recommend this product.

- With the right product, you can get a super thin line and a perfect point on the flick
- You can get a 'wet-look' finish or a matte finish depending on your product
- It's easy to apply over eyeshadow
- A little goes a long way
- You can easily straighten up a line or thicken a line
- The right liquid liner (like the Collection one) can be very long-lasting

- Some products dry off and flake off the skin
- If using a liquid pen, the product can dry up quite quickly
- It's usually quite hard to remove if you've made a mistake
- When you've almost finished the product, the liquid can drag and leave a patchy line
- Sometimes the pen or the tip can weaken over time and may begin to fray. This makes it harder to control and harder to get a defined point.

I think I will always find using liquid liner a lot easier to use. Even though it still takes me a while to do my liner, I find liquid liner easier to control and gives a better finish. But it is all down to practice and personal preference.

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