My Go To Holiday Products - Eyes & Brows


Makeup Geek & Morphe eyeshadows 
I love these eyeshadows because they're long lasting and very pigmented. I chose shadows that I thought would be good for the summer. All the shades in the bottom row are shimmery, which looked so pretty in the evenings. I'm going to give a in depth review on the different shades in this palette which are all my current favourites

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof  Eye Liner - £13
This is my favourite brown eyeliner! I used to use an eyeshadow from mua that gave the same colour as this eyeliner so I love it a lot. It's really long lasting and it applies so well that you don't need to keep going over it. They come in different colours, but this one is my ultimate favourite.

Soap & Glory It's About Prime - £8 
Usually I just use concealers as a primer for my eyeshadows, but I find this primer works better especially for those, like me, who have oily eyelids as it keeps your shadows in place and lasts long. You only need a small amount for both eyes so it lasts really long.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara - £9.99
I've only used this mascara for a short amount of time so I can't give a proper review on this mascara. So far, I find it makes the lashes look really black, but it's not extremely lengthening or volumising. I reckon after it dries out a little, it'll work a bit better.

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof - £7.19
I wanted a waterproof mascara that I could wear during the day and not have to worry about it running down my cheek while I'm in the water. I love the colossal mascaras because they make your lashes look good all day long. This mascara wasn't too difficult to remove either which was a huge bonus. I have a more thorough review of this mascara here.

e.l.f. eyelash curler
This isn't really necessary to have, but some mascaras aren't that great for curling your lashes. I like that you can use this eyelash curler on the ends of your lashes because it's smaller than a normal eyelash curler. I sometimes find that normal eyelash curlers are difficult to curl the lashes on the ends which are the ones I like to be curled the most. Plus this curler is smaller so it's good to travel with!

Maybelline Brow Drama Dark Brown - £4.99
I have recently fallen in love with this product, I like how easy it is to use and it really adds colour and definition to your brows. I wasn't expecting it to make such a difference but I actually think it's a great product to have when you're on holiday, particularly on beach holidays, where you just want a little something to enhance your brows. Plus, because it's a mascara, it keeps the colour on longer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown - £15
I didn't actually use this product because of the one above. But if you have very fair or thin brows and you want something a bit bolder, then this is great to change the shape of your brows. It's pretty easy to use and is pretty natural looking if you use a light hand. The lasting power on this is pretty good and doesn't fade too much when in water - unless you touch it of course.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - £2.99
An oldie, but a goody! I have spoken about this eyeliner so much on my blog, but I still haven't found something to replace it. This eyeliner is super black, which has a great lasting power to it. I haven't tested to see if it's waterproof, but I used this in the evenings when I couldn't be bothered for mascara. The tip is very precise so you can get a perfect, sharp wing with it.

Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal Eyeliner - £2.99
Lastly, I included just a normal black eyeliner which I use to line my upper water line. I always like to add a black line because it makes your lashes look thicker. It's just a staple in all my makeup bags.

If you want to see more about my holiday then click on this link here.

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  1. I really like the sound of the soap and glory eyelid primer I'll have to give that a try :)
    Love Holly x

    1. It's really good! Affordable too :) x

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