My Go To Holiday Products: Face


This week it's all about face products. I don't like to layer things on during the day, but sometimes in the evenings, I like to dress up a bit. I have to say, I didn't actually use all these products - I did get a bit lazy. But nevertheless, these items are still good for the warmer weather.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base - £9.99
I love a nice dewy/higlighted look and this base is perfect for that finish. It makes you look like you have a nice glow without looking oily. It also keeps your makeup on for longer. I tend to apply this on the apples of my cheeks and then rub it evenly around the rest of my face, avoiding my nose as that can make it look quite oily.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - W4/N6.5 - £9.99
I had to bring two foundations because I knew that I would tan like crazy - which I did. I mixed the two foundations to get my perfect match. I sometimes applied a small layer if this in the mornings as I had heard that wearing foundation acts as a barrier from the sun and can protect your skin. But after 2 days of being in the hot weather, I just found like it was too much for my skin and as I was in the water, the foundation would fade in uneven patches so it just wasn't worth it. By I always recommend having some sort of mixing medium to darken your favourite foundation to ensure you have the right colour as you become more tanned.

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream - Anti fatique - £9.99
If you don't want to take two foundations, you can also use this CC cream to help you colour correct your foundation. I've been using this a lot lately as it helps warm up my foundation to match my skin. It's really lightweight and almost acts as a primer. I usually mix it in with my foundation to make sure it's even.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - NC42 - £17
This concealer is longwearing, as the name would suggest, and high coverage. So it's perfect for covering your undereye circles to freshen up your face in the evenings. This concealer feels really lightweight so you won't feel like you've got a tonne of makeup caked on your face which is the main reason why I chose this concealer.

NYX HD Concealer - Yellow - £6
I bought this concealer along with me to mix with my MAC concealer to ensure I get the right colour and to brighten the concealed areas further. This concealer can sometimes look a bit ashy, but if you just add a small amount it can work wonders.

ELF HD Powder - Yellow
A setting powder that is yellow based is a quick way to brighten up your face. Of course, I only use this in the areas where I apply concealer just to set it down further. This powder is so finely milled, it makes your skin feel super smooth. I depotted this into a smaller container because the original container it comes in is so big and bulky!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder  - £8.99
I always struggle with face powders, I find the some are too ashy for me and the ones that do suit my skin tone don't have the same effect. So I thought I'd give the Bourjois powder a go as it seemed quite translucent and I've heard that it matifies the face really well. On the days where I decided not to wear foundation, I used this just to matify areas of my face that looked a bit greasy from suntan lotion and it worked really well! It was sheer enough that it didn't feel like I had any product on my face.

I could've gone without half of these products, but you just never know when you feel like using them! To be honest, on most days I would either use the foundation or the Bourjois powder and then I would usually skip out on the rest. I didn't feel like I needed to layer on all this makeup as I wanted the natural glow from my tan to shine through. If you want me to do an individual detailed post about any of the products above, then let me know and I will be sure to do that for you :)

If you want to see more about my holiday then click on this link here.

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  1. I love the sound of the Primer from L'Oreal will have to get my hands on it! As girls, we tend to take a lot more on holiday then they actually need - oops!
    Parie xx

    1. It really is worth trying! Haha, I know! But you never know when you'll need it! xx

  2. I'm a huge fan of the true match foundation too, it blends in so flawlessly :) Really want to try the healthy balance powder I've heard such good things about it.
    Love Holly x

    1. I agree and it's affordable too which is another bonus! The powder is really good, doesn't feel heavy on the skin either :)