My Weekly Diary #9 Jurassic World and London Attractions


The Finale of Revenge
Oh wow, I was not expecting the ending of Revenge to be so good! I love the story line of Revenge, there was a point in Season 3 where I felt that things got a little bit silly and occasionally boring, so I stopped watching it for a while and when I got back into it, I couldn't believe what I had been missing. I watch it online, so when I was caught up at about midway of Season 4, I totally forgot about it and somehow I ended up 7 episodes behind! When I caught up, it was about the same time as the finale aired in the UK on E4. I really did not want it to end because it got so good. I think they did an excellent job with the ending, I was truly shocked and was not expecting any of it. If you haven't watched Revenge before, I recommend giving it a go, it's about a Girl who has a plan in mind to avenge her father who was sent to prison after being wrongly accused for a terrorist attack. There's a lot of twists to the story but it's engaging and different to anything I've seen before.

Jurassic World
I am so glad I got to watch this movie in the cinema and in 3D as well! I don't really remember any of the Jurassic Parks, I remember a few snippets but I think I was too young to remember. I quite liked the plot of the film, it wasn't overly moving but still humorous as well as adding that fear of the dinosaurs. It's a film that everyone in the family would love, nothing too scary but not too childish for an adult. I don't want to give too much away about the story line, but if you get the chance I think it's worth watching. Personally, I didn't think much of the 3D, I mean it's good, but I forgot that it was 3D soon after the film started. I guess it's down to personal preference, if you don't generally enjoy watching 3D films then I'd give it a pass. If you have younger siblings then I'm sure they'd love this film just as much as you would.

British Museum
I had to pop in to central London with my Dad the other day and we thought we'd have a little wonder around. I don't live far from central London at all and living a short walk away from the Central Line means it's not difficult to get to either. But when you live somewhere for so long, all my life in fact, you don't always take advantage of all the beautiful places around you. It's been a while since my father and I have been to a museum and neither of us have been to the British Museum weirdly enough - the national history museum is more popular with us. But actually we really enjoyed it at the British Museum, we particularly enjoyed the Ancient Egyptian area because we have visited Cairo, Egypt and seen the ancient ruins and been to museums there. So we know a fair bit about ancient Egypt and were greatly impressed with what was to see at the museum. I also enjoyed the Ancient Greek and Roman sections of the museum as I studied Classical Civilization for GCSE's and I really enjoyed it. This is probably my inner geek showing, but I would happily revisit it in the future and possibly take part in the audio tours. It's a free museum so I would definitely say it's worth checking out if you enjoy ancient history.

China Town
After our trip to the museum my Dad wanted to show me Chinatown. I've been before when I was younger, but he had visited again last year and thought it would be a nice place to visit. We went to this little place called Kowloon Buffet which turned out to be really nice. It was £12 for the two of us and included a free drink too. I think they had a 2for1 offer at the time. The food was delicious, like Chinese street-food! I'm usually quite fussy with Chinese food as I have my favourites and I don't really try anything different. But I really enjoyed eating at this restaurant! There are a lot of places to go eat in China Town.

M&M world and Nickoldeon Shop
The Nickolodoen shop is new to Leicester Square and it's a kids dream inside. They had Spongebob merchandise on the bottom floor which really excited me - I know, lame! They had the most adorable cuddly Spongebobs and all the other characters too! I resisted buying them though - maybe next time ;). Despite going past it so many times, I've never actually been inside M&M World. Boy have I been missing out, it reminds me a lot of Toys'R'Us in New York, of course no where near as good! There's 3 floors (I think) of M&M fun! They showed us that you can print words on the m&m's where each m&m has a different character - pretty cool. Plus they had a lot of M&M merchandise, like M&M pajamas! Also, I got to get my pressed penny here too - FYI I collect pressed pennies, I started off my collection in America when I went to Disneyland when I was a kid and have been collecting since - so this was pretty exciting for me!

Disclaimer: All pictures in the edit are taken from Google Images - apart from the bottom right picture of the Kowloon Buffet which was taken by myself.

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