Colourpop Haul & How to get ColourPop in the UK


I have wanted to purchase from ColourPop Cosmetics for such a long time as I've been seeing so many amazing reviews on YouTube. However, ColourPop do not currently ship to the UK so I've been looking for ways to get hold of their products! I came across a blog post that gave me the idea of using the service ShipTo - unfortunately the original blog post has been taken down. The process is really easy and hassle free and I would recommend it to anyone! All you have to do is sign up to ShipTo pay a small deposit and then they will give you a few addresses of warehouses which you will use as your shipping address when ordering off of Shipto. You make an order off ColourPop as normal (with the US address given) and wait until you receive an email from ShipTo that confirm they have received your parcel. Once you've received the email you have to log back into ShipTo and decide your shipping method - the price depends on what time of shipping service you go for. I spent around £12-15 on shipping, but considering there was free shipping on the ColourPop website to ShipTo, I'd say that's quite good. Also, if you order over $40 then you're likely to get charged a little extra. Once I had chosen my shipping method it didn't take long for my parcel to arrive and it was securely packaged with none of my paid goods being tampered with. I am definitely going to use the ShipTo service in the future as it's not too expensive.

On to the actual haul, I decided to try a few things from every product catergory. I've heard so many good reviews about their products but I wasn't sure what would and wouldn't work for me. These are the things that I got:
 Firstly, their blushes. I didn't really know what to expect from their blushes, I knew they were a mouse texture but I didn't really think about how I would apply them. Because they're more powdery than a cream blush but too creamy to use like a powder brush, I find the best way to apply it is with my fingers and then just blend like crazy. You have to be careful with these because they are both so pigmented. I got them in the shade Pegacorn and Clutch. I think Pegacorn is the perfect shade for the autumn and Clutch is definitely more of a summery shade. I am going to do individual reviews of these products soon to show you swatches and give a more in depth review as I'm not sure if I really love these.
I thought I'd also give the highlighters a go. I have been highlighter crazy recently but I never really use cream/mousse highlighters that much and want to give them a go. The highlighter that I have is in the shade Wisp and it's a perfect gold highlighter. Again, because of it's texture I find it a little difficult to blend, but if I tap a small amount on the high points of my cheekbones I find it tends to do the trick.
There are a lot of good reviews on the Super Shock Shadows by Colour Pop and so I couldn't resist giving them a go. I do actually really like these, the pigmentation is perfect and they're  a little easier to blend out in comparison to the products above. I find applying them initially with my fingertips gives the best amount of pigmentation. The colour Play (bottom) is the one that I use on a daily basis as it works as a great base colour and then I tend to add a bit of Desert (top) on the outer corners to add a bit of dimension and colour.
Lastly, the LippieStix's. There are so many colours to choose from but I thought I'd play it safe with Frida (top) which is a natural/nudey colour and I <3 this (bottom) which is a more bright pink colour. I was so surprised when I first gave these a go - I was expecting them to be quite drying but actually they're really creamy and smooth. Once applied, they do not budge, I had to use an oil based makeup remover to get them off completely. I haven't worn either of them out yet so I don't know how they perform throughout the day but as usual, I will keep you updated.
I really hope that ColourPop decide to ship to the UK soon as I know that so many of you would love to try out their products. I do recommend using ShipTo as they are very efficient and I had a good experience using them. Let me know what ColourPop products you've tried and love!

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