2015 Beauty Favourites


I know, I know. We've just gone past the middle of  January and I am only getting this post up now - I'm super sorry! I was looking through my 2014 and 2013 favourites the other day and I didn't realise how many different products I have actually started using! So I thought I'd start off the year showing you my 2015 favourites!

Maybelline BabyLips intense care lip balm
A bit random, but I rarely go through a whole lip balm because I never see the progress of them. But I've almost finished my intense care lip balm because it's such a good product and works wonders for me. I usually apply this at night and in the morning my lips are soft and well moisturised. I tend to bite my lips a lot and so I can often get dry, chapped lips which can be a nightmare when I want to apply lipstick - but this lip balm has helped balance the moisture in my lips a lot and I really like it. It doesn't have a scent/flavour either so I'm not tempted to lick it off either. Plus it's so inexpensive that you really can't go wrong!

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation 
This is a bit of a cheat product because I've really just started using this in the last two months of the year but I really wanted to include it in my favourites because I love it a lot! I had always wanted to try this foundation out but I've always been a bit weary because it's a bit pricey from what I am used to paying. I went to a Nars counter in Fenwicks to get matched for a shade and I'm quite happy with the colour. If I add too much then I do find it looks quite olivey on my skin - but you only need a small amount to get medium/full coverage. I want to do a more in depth post on this foundation because there are so many good things about it!

The Body Shop Eye Gel
I've noticed after using eye creams/gels, that my concealer and makeup in general lasts longer and looks more natural, particularly after using this eye gel. It's very cooling and feels very light on the skin despite it being described as a gel. I sometimes put this on over night but mostly I put it on in the mornings straight after I put on my moisturiser and then give it some time for my skin to absorb it before I go on to apply my makeup.

Freedom Dipbrow Pomade
As much as I love my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, I found that the shade I had made my brows look quite ashy - so when I heard that Freedom had a dupe for it, I thought I would experiment with some different colours. I switch from dark brown and chocolate. Both are very similar but chocolate is a little more warmer. The texture is really creamy and they are ridiculously pigmented - it's easy to put too much on, but with a little practice and a light hand you can get it to work easily for you.

NYX Full Coverage Concealer - Orange
Although this concealer doesn't completely conceal my dark under eye circles - it definitely helps to reduce the visibility of them. I find that it can sometimes be a bit hard to work with so I use my fingers to blend it in and that works a lot better. I also find that my concealer adheres to it better and therefore makes it last longer throughout the day.

Sally Hansen Growth Treatment Nail Polish
I've always found that my nails are quite weak and tend to take a long time to grow. But after trying this nail polish I have found that they feel a lot more stronger and grow really quickly. It acts as a perfect base and dries really fast so that you can go on to apply your nail polish after a few minutes.

No7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Base
I'm sure I've mentioned this many times on my blog, but I truly do like that this primer. I put it on my T-zone where I get oily the most. When I first used it I used to find it quite chalky and it would sometimes get a bit powdery, but if you start by using a small amount and tap it on to your skin rather than rub it in then it works like a dream.

Morphe Eyeshadows
Last year it was all about the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows, which I still use daily, but this year I have also been loving the Morphe eyeshadows - while I wasn't able to get the Jaclyn Hill palette and the 350 palette is almost impossible to get hold of, I decided to try some of the individual eye shadows. I love how pigmented they are and how well they last! They're so cheap and even with a fairly high shipping cost, they're still 100% worth the money. They have such a good variety of colours which I love - despite the fact that I always opt for the same warm/brown kind of shades. I've also noticed that they have some new shades on their website which I also want to give a go.

Zoeva Silk Finish Brush 102
I bought this brush back around February time, where you may remember seeing in a Zoeva Brush Collection post I did, and it's the only brush I've used to apply foundation with since. The hairs are so soft and it is so easy to blend out your foundation. I've never seen brush marks left from using this and I love that it's so dense that it doesn't soak up too much product. I did an individual post about this which you can see here.

Stila smudge stick pencil
It's rare that I find an eye-liner that lasts as long as the Stila smudge sticks do. They are so pigmented and creamy yet they really do last all day. I love the shade tetra which is a nice dark purple and it compliments my brown eyes really well without looking too dark like a black typically does. I like that you don't have to sharpen it as I can get quite lazy with that. This has lasted me more than a year and only now have I come near to the end. They seem quite pricey for an individual eye-liner but they are definitely worth it.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Highlighter
I talked about this highlighter in a post quite recently, but I couldn't not include it in this post. This has definitley been my go-to highlighter in 2015 and I would say it is on par, if not better, than The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer! It's only £3 but the quality of it is incredible and you get amazing colour pay off. I've been wearing it almost daily for the past 5 months and there's still so much product left. I used to use it with a fan brush but I've recently turned to the Real Technique's Setting brush to get a more intense highlight. I've seen a few individual highlighters by Makeup Revolution that I really want to try out this year.

Milani Tea Rose blush
This has to be my most used blush of 2015, everything about is perfect. It's quite a large sized blush and pretty affordable too. I love the colour of this blush and I find that the pigment lasts for most of the day. I did a more in depth review of this blush back in September where you can see a swatch of this colour too. I got mine off Amazon but I'm sure I've seen Milani products being sold in Beauty Base and a few other online retailers.

I hope you've seen some products in here that you may want to try this year and hope that you like them as much as I have! What were your favourite products of 2015? I would love to know! :)

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. I really want to try the Nars foundation but i'm a bit wary because of the price too! xx


    1. Yeah, the price put me off too! Maybe try a tester out to see if it's a foundation you'd like. I really recommend saving up for it, it's still one of my favourites :) xx