My Pandora Bracelet + First Charm


For my 21st Birthday, over 4 months ago now, my colleagues at work were kind enough to buy me a Pandora Bracelet. I've always liked the idea of the bracelets but never thought to buy myself one. I was so surprised and excited to fill the bracelet up with charms! They got me the Pandora Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver which retails at £55 and I think mine is in the size 17cm. At first I thought it might not be big enough for when I start putting charms on it, but when I spoke to the lady in Pandora, she said that the weight of the charms can cause the bracelet to expand slightly - a good way to check is if you can comfortably fit 3 fingers in between the bracelet and your wrist then it's a good size for you. I've noticed since wearing the bracelet with a charm that it does seem to have expanded ever so slightly - and I only have 1 charm on it at the moment. So the charm that I decided to get was the Elephant charm. Mainly because my Mum has always believed they're good luck and I thought it was super cute too! I love the animal charms, especially the Turtle and Duck charm. 

Although the charms are a bit pricey, I think it's such a wonderful idea to give to someone as a gift as there are so many charms that could tie in with such great memories for example newly weds, new home, first car, holidays, etc. I can't wait to build mine up with charms that remind me of great times in my life!

If you could choose any one charm, which would it be?

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. I love my pandora, I still remember my first charm was a little silver heart. I think I have the same bracelet as yours! It's such a lovely gift to have in my opinion! The little elephant is so cute! I've got a cat on mine.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Aww, they are super cute! I agree, the animal charms are so adorable! :)

      Neelam x