YouTube Guru's I discovered in 2015


Even though I don't get as much time to watch YouTube as I used to, I still love to discover new channels and see all the amazing talent out there. As my Top 4 Beauty Gurus post went down so well, I thought I would share some of the people I discovered in 2015!

BabsBeauty (top left) - Link
Stef from BabsBeauty is one of the most talented YouTubers I have discovered this year. If you're looking for a channel that is dominated by make-up tutorials then she is someone you definitely need to check out. She creates the most gorgeous make-up looks and I think her eye make-up in particular is always done to perfection. I also love the way she doe her lips, they always look so bold and plump!

Desi Perkins (top right) - Link
I love that Desi is bubbly and full of energy, it makes watching her videos so enjoyable! She's an absolute goddess and has amazing features, not to mention a body to die for! Her make-up looks always have such a glow to it and she looks so flawless and radiant! She has a wide range of looks that include everyday glam to full out bold and extravagant make-up looks which are all very achievable!

Christen Dominique (bottom right) - Link
She is a complete lovable babe! I love her set up in her videos, and she's one of my favourite YouTuber's to watch on Snapchat. She does a lot of great make-up videos and has the occasional fashion/style videos which I also love! I envy her wing eyeliner, it's always on point and done to perfection. If you're looking for inspiration on make-up tutorials for everyday glam or very achievable looks then I recommend you check out Christens videos!

Kaushal Beauty (bottom left) - Link
I've just discovered Kaushal's videos recently when my friends had told me about her and I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover her. She's a UK based YouTuber so a lot of her videos include products that you can easily get locally - which of course, is great! I think she's very beautiful and her make-up looks are all so pretty! I really like the Indian-style make-up looks she does.

Which YouTuber have you discovered in 2015 and who is your favourite?

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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