Review | Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette - Golden Nudes


Over Christmas, I received this amazing palette as a gift from my family and I was completely blown away at how amazing it is that I had to share it with you! I typically don't go into the highstreet/drugstore shops to look for eyeshadows because I have never really been too impressed by them (unless it's makeup revolution, which you know I love). So when I first got this, I wasn't really expecting much from it.

My first impression of this Golden Nudes Palette was that it has an amazing colour range, the warm neutrals are the shades that I pretty much only ever go for so this palette is right up my street. I like that there is a mix of matte and shimmer colours so you really don't need any other palette to complete a look. 

When I swatched some of the shades I was completely blown away by how buttery and pigmented the shadows were! They have a very similar texture to the makeup geek/morphe shadows! I've tried using them with a makeup brush too and they give a similar pay off - however I personally prefer to use my fingers to get the shimmer shades on as I find they look more pigmented this way.

I love that it comes in a small dinky palette that you can just pop into your purse incase you need to touch up on the go or make your day time look, look more glamorous for the evenings! It has all the staple colours you need to suit all skin tones/colours! 

Name: MaxFactor Masterpiece Nude Palette
Shade: 01 Cappucino Nudes, 02 Golden Nudes (shown above), 03 Rose nudes.
Price: £14.99
Availability: Boots
Rating: 5/5

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  1. This palette by Max Factor looks impressive! Have to say some of the shades remind me a bit of Naked Smoky.

    1. Ah never thought of that until now! You're so right! I have to say this is a good affordable alternative! x