My Quick Morning Skincare Routine


I can be very lazy when it comes to skincare and I have always been like that. But since starting my full time job, I found it easier to get into a routine of a good skincare regime. My routine is nothing fancy and there are still many days where I wash my face in the shower (with face wash of course) and that's as far as skincare will go. But, as I have found that my skin feels more radiant and my make-up lasts a lot better, I thought I would share with you my small, but easy, morning skincare routine.

The best way to wake me up in the mornings is to splash my face with cold water as it really gets rid of my sleepy eyes and gets me geared up for the day ahead. I then will go in with a good face wash, now I tend to vary my face washes but at the moment I choose between my Clean & Clear blackhead daily scrub, which I like but feels like it can sometimes irritate my skin if I use it regularly, and my Clinique Mild Wash which I have talked about before and continue to love it! Both are really good at making my skin feel fresh!

Once I've patted my skin clean I will then go on to use a liquid cleansing lotion and I am currently loving the Clinique Mild Cleansing Lotion which gives that extra freshness and ensures that any oils/dirt that is still on my face is completely gone. I then go in with the Garnier Refining Toner which tightens up my pores without feeling too intense. I like these products as I find they don't have a really strong fragrance and they haven't caused any irritation to my skin!

2015 was the year where I really noticed how moisturiser can be a real game changer for your skin - despite having oily/combination skin. I still like to go for quite a light moisturiser and for this I use the trusty Simple Light To Skin Moisturiser which hydrates my skin without feeling tacky and too thick. It also makes my make-up last longer and look more flawless!

I've also started applying eye creams on my under eyes. I never realised that I had dry under eyes until I started using eye creams. I also find that my concealer doesn't appear to look so cakey which I've applied an eye cream which is always a good sign. The Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum is the cream that I use during the day as I find it's quite moisturising but is quickly absorbed by the skin so doesn't leave an oily residue.

I then go in with my priming routine which I already have a post on: How I Prep My Face.

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. Love Simple! Such a nice light moisturiser :) I've also used and loved the Clinique Clarifying toner, it helps so much with preventing spots, etc.!

    Kat |

  2. I used to love the clinic products, i feel my skin got tired of using it! I use simple products the face wash that i really love.

    Emmi -