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I know that Summer is almost coming to an end now but for those of you who are heading off on holiday to some warmer countries I thought this would be a good post to do! So recently I had a day out in Chessington Park: World of Adventures and as I was packing my handbag I was thinking of things that I would need throughout the day that weren't too heavy and didn't mean I had to keep running back to the car. Now luckily I didn't need to pack things like water because my star of a boyfriend was carrying those for me!

First thing's first: Sun cream. It's one of those things that you think one layer in the morning will be enough but as soon as you stand 5 minutes in the sun you wish you really packed one. I have this mini one from Boots which I love! It's so handy to have and it isn't really heavy to carry in your bag. I typically like to go with a higher SPF but 30 is good enough for top ups! I like this one because it doesn't leave you feeling tacky! 

Sometimes when you spend a whole day out and about, you kind of wish you had a little perfume with you. Most of my bottles are quite big and bulky, but this one by YSL is nice and slim and doesn't really weigh much at all! Black Opium is also my most current favourite! If you don't want to carry a full-sized perfume you can also take little testers. I usually save these when I can so that I can chuck them in my bag for emergencies. A Travalo is also a great product to decant your perfumes into something a little more travel friendly.

While I was waiting around in the queues at Chessington, I suddenly got the sniffles and I didn't pack a packet of tissues with me! Luckily there was a little tuck shop in the queue of the ride and I was able to grab a tissue from them, but I kicked myself for not having a pack. I usually carry one with me wherever I go. So, always remember your tissues! 

In terms of makeup, I don't really like to carry anything too bulky and it's very rare that I actually do top up my makeup. However, a setting powder, eyeliner and lip balm is always good to have. Something simple that you can use to save your look. Usually in this little makeup bag that I have, I will put in hand sanitiser, 2 bobby pins, 2 hair bands, a tampon, a plaster and a strip of paracetamols. This is like my personal first aid kid and actually comes in really handy!

Finally, my phone has been really playing up recently and the battery life goes from 80% to 24% within an hour. So I always like to have a portable battery pack with me (that's charged!) in case my phone is ever in the red.

If you have any little handy goodies you have in your handbag that you would like to share then please comment below! :)

Love Always,

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