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Over the past few years I have accumulated quite a few make up brushes, especially eye brushes; but I of course have my favourites. I am at no means an expert at makeup, let alone eye makeup, however I have been wearing it almost everyday for the past year and I have my staples that I think everyone should own! So I created this little starter pack for you on 10 of my favourite eye brushes and they are all affordable too!

1) Zoeva - 234 Smoky shader
I love this brush mainly for when I want to smoke out my winged liner or smudge dark shadows across my upper lash line. It's nice and dense that you can get a nice smudge out finish without looking too blended. I sometimes also like to use this to pack on satin/shimmer shadows that typically aren't too pigmented with a normal brush. It helps make the pigment stand out, similar to using your fingers but a lot less messy!

2) Zoeva - 227 Soft Definer 
I have no idea where I would be without this brush. This is my favourite blending brush. Ever! It's so soft and the perfect size for everyday blending. I like to use this in my crease as it blends so quickly and easily and doesn't feel harsh at all! If you're to get any brush from this post then this has to be the one! I actually have two of these because I love it so much. I also like this for when I apply too much shadow as it's easy to blend out and diffuse the colour.

3) Blank Canvas Cosmetics - E23
Next up is a pencil brush. This is one of those brushes that you don't realise how good it is until you own one and boy am I glad that I have it. It's perfect for when you want to create a dramatic smokey eye and want a deep outer V. It's so easy to apply eyeshadow with and actually really good to blend with. A lot of people like to use pencil brushes to blend eyeshadow under your lower lash line but personally that doesn't really work for me. I do however like to blend shadows on the upper lashline when I want a smokey winged liner.

4) Blank Canvas Cosmetics - E32
I love this brush for applying product in my outer V area. Sometimes I don't want my outer V to be too sharp so I like to use this brush to add some subtle definition in my eye lids. It's so soft and so easy to work with. I could blend with this brush for days and it still wouldn't cause pain to my eyelids. It's such a good brush to have and makes smokey eyes so easy to create.

5) Zoeva - 317 Wing liner
Like I mentioned earlier, I am useless at doing my wing liner with gel; but if you are someone who is good at it then I'd say this brush works really well for it! It's nice and tapered so that you can get a thin sharp line and it's short bristles mean it's easy to work with. I personally use this to tightline my lower lash line as it packs on the shadow really nicely. Again, like the Zoeva 233 brush, you can use this to tidy up any mistakes you may have made.

6) Zoeva - 322 Brow Line
Since I've had this brush I have never even tried to use another brush for my brows. This works so well, it's sharp and defined so you have total control over the product placement and can create razor sharp lines but also wide so you're not spending hours filling them in. The hairs on the brush aren't too long that you end up losing control but they're also not too short that you can't do feather like strokes. There really isn't anything to fault about this brush!

7) e.l.f. - Angled eyeliner brush
This brush is a pretty good brush to use if you struggle with doing winged liner with gel products. It's easy to control but the only thing it lacks is the ability to get a really precise point because the brush isn't tapered enough. So instead I use this brush to get gel liner on my waterline. It picks up a good amount of product and is easy to get into the eye without having to pull the lids too much.

8) Zoeva - 233 Cream shader
This brush is perfect for cream based shadows like the Makeup Revolution Metal shadows. The synthetic hairs mean it picks up the product really well and gives you the best colour pay off when applying. I sometimes use it on really shimmery shadows as I find that a lot of normal blending brushes don't pick up enough pigment. This brush is also quite versatile as you can use it to clean up your winged liner making it nice and sharp!

9) Sigma - E40 Tapered Blending brush
If you're in hunt for a big fluffy blending brush, search no more! This brush is super fluffy and even for people with small eyelids like myself, this actually works really well. If you want to really blend out your shadow this does such a good job because it's really soft and fluffy and distributes the shadow so well.

10) Blank Canvas Cosmetics - E24
Finally, my favourite brush to apply my base colour with. I always like to use a creamy coloured eyeshadow over my lids before I go in with other colours. This brush picks up a good amount of product and also acts as a good blending brush too. As the brush is slightly tapered, you can use it to get product into the crease and create a subtle cut-crease look.

So that's it. My top 10 eye brushes that I think everyone needs! These brushes are all quite affordable, and are easily available off the below websites. These are the brushes that I always travel with and use on almost a daily basis.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics: Official website 
Zoeva: Beauty Bay
Sigma: Cult Beauty

Love Always,

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  1. I really would love to try some Zoeva brushes, but the cost of shipping to the US makes me so annoyed that I always end up abandoning my cart online. Isn't that weird? I just can't fathom the cost to ship them since it's the cost of 2 brushes. I do need them though, but truthfully I have SO MANY brushes I don't know what I would do with them all anyway. It takes me truly forever to wash my brushes! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. Haha, I feel your struggle! I find that with morphe brushes as we never used to get them so easily in the UK! Maybe it's worth looking into getting the sets, even though they're a little pricey it'll make your shipping a little more worthwhile. There's no such thing as too many brushes ;) x