My Weekly Diary #11 Big Easy, Salmon Salad & Juicing


Now that I am off work and waiting to start uni in September, I have decided to try and get back into my weekly diary posts. I've been going to a few different places and really trying to make the most of my summer.

Healthy Smoothie
I decided that I will try and get back into making smoothies. I have seen loads of recipes online for different healthy smoothies  but to be honest, I've just been throwing in whatever fruits and veggies that I have lying around the house. This week I made a really tasty fruity smoothie which had 1 frozen banana, 3 slices of pineapple and 3/4 cup of frozen berries which I added some coconut water to to try and thin it down into more of a juice. It was so tasty and looked so good. This made enough for two tumblers of juice. 

Salmon Salad
I've been wanting to get into meal planning for ages but to be quite honest, my week is so unplanned at the beginning of the week that I can never commit to eating certain meals. But while I was looking for recipe ideas for meal planning I came across Rachel Aust on YouTube and she had a great meal prepping video with some really good recipes including the Salmon and Rice dish. I pretty much copied the same ingredients, but used a pre-pack of rice which had black and red rice and quinoa too, then I just added chickpeas and kidney beans to give it more depth. It was actually quite tasty and really filling! My fussy-eater of a boyfriend approved too

Big Easy
I went to an amazing restaurant near Charring Cross station called Big Easy and I kid you not, it's the best casual place to go for some nice lobster! I actually went there quite early and was lucky enough to be able to choose from the 'pre-theatre' menu and get starters, a main and a drink all for £10! I'm not sure if it's only certain restaurants in London that do this, but if you can go for this menu I would definitely recommend it. I had the Calamari for starters and my boyfriend had the mussels and then we both got a lobster roll each.

It seems that this week all my events have been heavily food related! What did you get up to this week? 

Love Always,
Neelam xxx

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  1. Crumbed calamari are my favourite seafood! Enjoy your break before you get back to uni :)

    1. It's definitely up there in my favourites too :) Aww thank you hun xxx