Dinner @ Shaka Zulu


As part of my birthday surprise, my boyfriend decided to treat me to dinner at Shaka Zulu, Camden. I have always wanted to go here as the pictures look amazing. It is a South African restaurant/bar/club located in Camden. It's quite pricey but the decor is amazing and it doesn't feel like you're in London at all. The whole place is huge and has an African tribal theme throughout!

We went on a Monday evening where it wasn't busy at all - in fact we pretty much had the whole restaurant to ourselves! On event nights it does get busy as it's extremely popular (especially during freshers week). The floor beneath us, which you can see in the pictures below, is where I assume the more casual bar/club area is. I, myself haven't been on a night out here so I can't speak for how good it is! The staff are extremely friendly and helpful as a lot of the food on the menu is very unfamiliar for most people!

Game and Ostritch Terrine 
 For starters we decided to share the Game and Ostritch Terrine which is served cold and is essentially like a pate. 

'Mixed game meats, poached for four hours, pressed with  fillet of ostrich 
and served with a sweet papaya salsa'

This dish was £9.50 and we didn't realise just how small it would be! Nonetheless, we halved the dish and it was delicious! The waiter had warned us that it was served cold but neither of us expected it to taste so good cold! 

Chicken Bunny Chow
My boyfriend ordered the Chicken Bunny Chow, which we both found hilarious that the loaf of bread it's served in, was huge! The waitress later told us that this is how it's traditionally served in South Africa. 

'Durban-style chicken curry served in a hallowed-out loaf of bread, with chilli
sambals and home-made banana yoghurt'

This dish was £19.50 and you get quite a lot for your money. The chicken was really tasty, almost tasted like an Indian curry. But the bread did make it all quite filling and so it was a struggle to finish! 

Beef Bobotie
 I ordered the Beef Bobotie which was also £19.50. Again, portion wise, this meal was a decent size! Both of us were a bit weary about the portion size after our starters had arrived. But I guess starters are typically a lot smaller than the main meal.

'Traditional South African dish consisting of curried mince, 
baked with an egg-based topping and a blend of Cape
Malay spices, served with yellow rice' 

I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The beef was dry enough that it didn't feel too filling yet the flavours all came through perfectly. Again, it was a huge dish and I wasn't able to finish it all! But I really enjoyed this meal and like it a lot more than I thought I would! 

Overall, we both really enjoyed our time at Shaka Zulu. We were so impressed with the decor and the overall vibe of the restaurant, even for a quiet Monday evening! If you've got anything to celebrate and are willing to pay the prices of the food, then definitely take a visit! For more information of the restaurant, pay a visit to their website.

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. This looks like such a cool place! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  2. oh that place looks amazing. my boyfriend and i are such creatures of habit and we eat at the same place all the time...something we should change.


    1. Aww bless, we're becoming like that too haha! But it's nice to try different places for special occasions :) Thanks for reading xx