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In 2 weeks time I will be jetting off to Budapest for my birthday with my two best friends and much to our dismay, we are only able to take carry-on luggage. So I thought I would share with you some of the travel toiletries that I bought for the trip. Quick disclaimer: I didn't realise you're limited to the amount of liquids you're able to take, despite being less than 100ml, so some of this won't be making it's way to Budapest with me, but I would usually take these in my travel bag in my checked-in luggage anyway! I will be doing a 'what's in my carry-on suitcase' post soon too so keep an eye out for that!

First up, Shampoo! I have a crazy sensitive scalp and a change in shampoo usually irritates me a lot! I like to stick with something familiar. So I picked up the mini version of the Head & Shoulders Classic Shampoo which I know is good with my scalp. This one is 75ml but would definitely last you at least a week! I like that it's a flip cap so it won't get messy when I'm using it in the shower. I don't usually take conditioner on holiday with me as I don't think it's entirely necessary and I can give my hair a break for a week without.

This bottle of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is actually 125ml and so isn't ideal for the carry-on luggage, but for something small to take in your checked in luggage. Micellar water is always a good shout, this one is bizarrely quite foamy, I don't know if this is just a dodgy one because I had a full sized bottle a while back and it wasn't like that. But this is a good product to remove makeup with and I really like having it with me.
Face Wash
Now I'm actually taking a micro-scrub to Budapest with me but it's technically not a miniature so I didn't want to include that in this. I do usually take this Refreshing Facial Wash Gel by Simple and it works pretty well! It's not too foamy, which is a shame, but it does make your face feel cleansed and really does wake you up in the morning! There's 50ml of product in here.

I always forget a toner when I go on holiday and I really feel that my skin feels different without. I hate changing up my skin routine because it always makes my skin break out and that's the worst feeling when you're on holiday! So I finally picked up the Simple Soothing Facial Toner as I know it's one that I've used before and has worked well with my skin. It carries 50ml of product in here.

Next step is moisturising. With the flight always drying my skin out I think it's always necessary to have a moisturiser with you. The Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser is one that I sometimes use on a day to day basis so is perfect. I like that this isn't too heavy and feels really refreshing on the skin. The packaging is cute and dinky and holds 50ml of product.
Shower Gel
So most hotels that I've been to do include some sort of a shower gel. But often, budget hotels will supply a bar of soap and I personally find that quite drying for my skin. I usually use the Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower gel but it has an annoying screw top lid to it which I actually find really frustrating. But I do love the scent of this; it's very girly and fresh.

Finally a serum. I like to use serums at night as it adds a nice layer of hydration that can make your skin feeling plump and hydrated in the morning. My favourite is one that I have spoken about before and it's the Hylamide Snesitive Fix serum which holds 30ml of product. I have done a blog post about this product so I won't go into too much detail about it, but it's one for your wishlist! 

Cream Cleanser
Ok, on to some night care products. The first is a Vitamin E Cream Cleanser by The Body Shop. The one I have is a travel size which you can often get in the gift sets or the bundles that they do in store. Now this is totally unnecessary and if like my you can only take carry-on luggage, this isn't something you must have, but it's handy if you do want to take it in your checked-in luggage. It's a cream cleanser that works well after you use your makeup wipes. So as you know, makeup wipes don't always remove all your makeup, so it's always a good idea to double cleanse and get rid of any access with a product like this. I have tried using this to remove a light layer of makeup and to be fair, when I went in with a wipe after to see how much it removed, it did do a decent job. But personally I like to use it after a makeup wipe. This product holds 60ml and you only really need a tiny amount of product so it will last you your whole trip!
Sun Protection
If you're jetting off to somewhere hot then lucky you! But also, have you packed your sun protection?! I hate tanning so luckily I always protect my skin and even though Budapest isn't going to be roasting hot, I still want to protect myself from the sun so I'm taking two sun protectors both by Soltan. The first is a normal Invisible Cooling Suncare Spray SPF 30 which I also have the full sized version of. I love this because unlike most sun protectors, this doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky and is slightly easier to work into the skin. I'm hoping that this 75ml bottle will hold enough product in to last me my whole trip. I also decided to get the Face Suncare Cream SPF 30 too as my face, naturally, is the first to get tanned and I usually just put normal sun cream on there - which always leaves me feeling sticky and clogs up my pores! This bottle has 50ml of product in but I like how light and moisturising it feels and even though it's only SPF 30 (I usually use SPF 50) it's a product I need to include!

If you have any products that you think are essentials, let me know in the comments below!

Love Always,

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  1. The Simple minis are fab for travelling! Have a great trip!

    Parie x