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I have just flown back from Budapest (be prepared for a few buda posts coming up!) and we flew using only carry-on luggage. We could have paid a higher price for a checked-in luggage but we were hoping for a low-cost holiday and decided that a carry-on should be enough. However, the struggle with this is cramming everything into a tiny suitcase as well as abiding by the laws of carry on luggage! Now how does a beauty lover get pack into a 20cm x 20cm bag filled with 100ml or under bottles I hear you ask? Well let me tell you..

1) Write. Lists. I know I sound like a madwoman constantly saying how much I write lists and to be fair, I do see it! But writing a packing inventory really helps you to stick to the bare minimum! I made a list with all the toiletries/makeup I would need alongside the outfits I'd wear each day with a few spares in case I change my mind on the day. I know it sounds ridiculous and you could probably skip the outfit plans, but it's definitely helpful when ensuring you have things like chargers, hair ties and socks.. you know, the things you'd typically forget!

2) Pack outfits that you can swap and change. Instead of taking 5 pairs of bottoms for 3 nights, think about outfits you can wear with the same bottoms and simply change the tops. It means you're carrying far less but still getting the variety of outfits you might want. A lot of my outfits have basic items in that I can switch up if I fancy something different on the day. That way you still have variety but aren't lugging around 20 outfits.

3) Packing toiletries was super hard for me because there's so many darn liquids that I use. Then I thought of 2 genius ideas! Decanting creams/gels/thicker liquids into little tester pots. Now I actually ordered mine off Amazon. They're the perfect size for a weeks worth of each product. I put my moisturiser, foundation, serum, face sun cream and primer in each pot which in total took up the space of one travel size bottle of moisturiser - great! I then wanted to take things like cleansers, toners and face mists which naturally are in bigger bottles. So I bought dupes of the perfume travelos to fill each in. This saves me taking cotton pads and also is really quick and hassle free to apply! 

4) You know that box of little testers you have? Now's the time to use it! I randomly have a lot of testers, from magazines or people handing them out on the street and I always save them for them for a rainy day. Well now is a rainy day because these testers tend to be small and nifty. For example, I was handed out shampoo and conditioner in little sachets, which was perfect because once I finished it, I could throw it in the bin and not worry about taking it home again! I also like taking little perfume testers - thanks to my boyfriend for working part time at the perfume shop for getting me some freebies! Again, these are just enough for a weeks holiday and don't take up a lot of room. 

I'd love to know what tips you have for hand luggage only trips! 

Love Always
Neelam xx

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