Inamo Restaurant Review


You may remember a month or so ago when I posted my Restaurants I discovered this Summer post and I mentioned Inamo. I wanted to take my boyfriend there because I thought it would be a nice change and we wanted to take advantage of a deal from 'bookatable' they had going which allowed each person to have 4 courses for £20. Inamo is an interactive Asian fusion restaurant where you can order food from iPads (Covent Garden) or interactive projections on the table (Soho). It's a very quirky restaurant which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. However the service is fast and in the two times that I have visited the restaurant I have never experienced any problems with the technology or service. I personally preferred the iPads to the table projections when it came to ordering food as it was just that bit clearer! The great thing is, is that you have to click to send food to order so that you don't accidentally add multiple dishes and you are able to change your mind before sending your final order. 

Playing games with the interactive projections is really easy, in Covent Garden you have a teeny mouse that you use to navigate but in Soho you have a keypad, like you would get on a laptop, to work around and simply tap to click. It's great if your're with a few people as you can have fun and play multiple games. Some people don't like the idea of having games as a distraction but I personally think it's a good way to get everyone in a chirpy mood. Once the food starts arriving, you tend to forget about the games and you can  have a good old fashioned chat.. if you want! 

The food is served at different times, depending on when it is cooked. So sometimes some people will have all their dishes in one go whilest others are still waiting on their first. But they don't leave you waiting too long, so it's nice to have a continuous flow of food. With the 4 courses for £20 meal deal we used, you chose a soup, two small dishes and  a dessert, which did come in the course order. If you really want to make the most of the experience, I would suggest going for a tapas style meal where each person picking 2/3 dishes and share amongst one another so you all get to try a variety of food. The crunchy Tempura Prawn Maki is one to try! 

The first Inamo I went to was in Covent Garden and we sat upstairs where I believe they seated large groups (there was about 10 of us). I never actually got to see the downstairs seating area but judging from the size of the upstairs, I'd say it was pretty big! The Soho Inamo does seem much smaller and I'm not sure if they have seating further inside the restaurant or down/upstairs but we sat next to the window at the front of the restaurant. 

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