How to make your makeup last all day


Just over a year ago I did a post on How I Prep My Face and while I still use those products now and then, I have found some alternatives this year that I want to give some credit to. I've tested these products throughout the summer and I still really enjoy using them. They all give great results and really make my makeup last throughout the day.

Nivea Aftershave Balm
Ok, who remembers this one?! Yep, the beauty world went crazy over this and for good reason too! When you first apply this, you wonder just how good it will be. It's a runny formula that doesn't feel like it will make much of an impact. But don't judge a book by it's cover because this is a pretty darn good primer! I apply this after moisturiser and before my foundation and I find everything just looks more glowy and flawless! It's really easy to blend product on top of and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all. This product is also really affordable and available pretty much at any pharmacy/beauty store.

MAC Fix+ 
Another cult favourite. I have to say I only really use this on nights out or where I really don't want to make my makeup budge. I like to spray this after the Nivea aftershave Balm to add extra longevity to my makeup. This products prevents my skin from eating up all my makeup but makes it feel light and refreshing. Although I highly recommend this product, I would say out of the three items in this post, this is the one I'd say is least essential! 

L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist
I was always sceptical about trying this product because of the millions of warnings of the powder residue that it can leave on your face if you don't shake it well enough. I've never had this problem but I do always give it a quick shake before I use it. This spray does sometimes make your face feel a little stiff, as if you've accidentally sprayed yourself with hairspray. But that soon goes and you forget you even spritzed yourself. This really extends the longevity of your makeup and it's now a must-have in my collection.

What are your tips for making your makeup last all day? 

Love Always,Neelam xx

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  1. I swear by all three of these, such cult products!

    Parie xx

    1. They are definitely favourites! I'm glad you agree :) xx

  2. It so strange, but I've never tried the Nivea after shave balm. Need to grab one when I go shopping!

    Victoria x

    1. Ah definitely recommend it! It's much more affordable than the other options and probably the most effective too! Xx