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I have been dying to go to Dishoom for almost a year now! It's somewhere my friends and I have had always had on our to-do list but never got round to do it, until last month. We decided to go on a weekday with the hope of it not being too busy.

If you have a party of under 6 then you can't book a table so be prepared to wait at least an hour before you get seated. We initially had to wait outside the restaurant in a line for about 5-10 minutes before we were allowed inside to go to the bar or sit in the seated area outside. They were nice enough to give us little shot glasses of chai, which was just what we wanted as it was quite chilly outside. We received a little buzzer to indicate when our table was ready. When taking our names down, they asked if we were happy to be seated on the more casual/sofa area and with the hope of getting a seat quicker we said yes.

The restaurant in huge! When our buzzer finally rang, we saw just how big it was inside. The waitress walked us to our table which seemed like a maze to get to. It truly was packed out inside, despite having loads of seats. The atmosphere inside is lovely with a nice twist of modern and traditional decor. You also get a wonderful aroma of the food as you walk through. Our table was located right at the back, where the casual seating was. It was actually quite nice, lower down but still a decent sized table for us to eat off.

We had a really helpful waiter who explained that the menu is designed so that the food comes in almost a tapas style way where there's no starters or mains as per say, but rather small and large plates that could equal to the same. We decided to choose 4 small plates: Far Far £2.50, Lamb Samsosas £4.90, Dishoom Calamari £5.90 and Prawn Koliwada £6.20. This all came really fast and despite the warning that the food is likely to come at different times, they all arrived pretty much at the same time.

We then got a Grill: Murgh Malai £7.90 with 1 Garlic Naan and 1 Plain Naan at £2.50 each. We shared the grill between the three of us but to be fair, it looked like a dish that could have easily fed one! Finally for dessert I got the Dishoom Chocolate Pudding £6.90 which was heaven! It was basically like a puddle of chocolate and instead of the chilli ice cream that came with it, I swapped it for Cinammon Ice Cream instead. My friend got the Pineapple and Black Pepper Crumble £5.50 which was also really good.

Overall the food was good! It had a nice modern twist to the traditional Indian food but didn't completely lack flavour. If there's a big group of you or you don't mind waiting, I'd highly recommend coming here! It's not too expensive and if you do what we did and share the dishes, you get to taste a variety of food!

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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