NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken Review


For the past few months I have been using the NYX Liquid Suede lipstick almost every day! It's my current favourite lipstick of the season and for so many good reasons!

These pretty much dry to a matte finish. It does take a while to dry and when you first apply it, it feels like it never will dry! But when it does, it lasts for hours! I can wear this at work and not have to worry about reapplying for a good 3-4hours. For the most part, if I'm being careful when I eat, I can go 6-7 hours without it being obvious that you need to reapply! They feel really smooth on the lips, like a velvety, suede finish (as the name would suggest). The product can sometimes gather if you have dry lips, so I do recommend you exfoliate beforehand. I also prefer to wipe off all my lipstick before I put on another layer as I find looks better and is less likely to collect in patches

I got mine in the shade Soft Spoken. It's a beautiful mauvey/nude and is wearable with pretty much any look. It looks like a pinky brown in the pictures and on some people it does apply like this, but for me it looks slightly more mauvey.

It's quite a big liquid lipstick, you get a fair amount of product in here. The wand is pretty long and has a unique angled shape. I find that I have to scrape off a lot of product when I take the wand out of the tube otherwise there's just too much product to work with. Other than that, I find it really easy to apply and I can easily get straight sharp lines around the perimeters of my lips.

Overall I really love this liquid lipstick. I haven't tried any other colours so I don't know how they differ in consistency but I'd highly recommend this one! Have you tried the suede lipsticks? What colours are your favourite?

Love Always,
Neelam xxx

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  1. I love this shade! I'll definitely keep an eye or for it in store.


    1. It's beautiful! Definitely do. Thank you for reading :) xx