16 Beauty Favourites I Discovered in 2016


The past few months have seriously flown by but this year has truly been such a good one. A lot of my 2015 favourites are very similar to my 2016 favourites so instead I thought I'd talk about products that I only discovered this year!

This was an obvious one! This year I have truly made so much use of eye shadows and this palette has been my go to all year round. I've done so many different looks with this palette and I recommend it to everyone. There are so many different palettes now and the new ones that have just been released on Boxing Day are definitely ones that I want to get my hands on! The quality of this palette is heavily pigmented and they're so easy to work with. I have a full review with swatches that I did earlier in the year which you can  read here.

I'm cheating a little with this product but I discovered this around November last year and it's really the only foundation I have reached for this year! I love this so much, the coverage is decent and when using primer, it pretty much lasts all day long! I've been meaning to do a full review of this, but it is by far the best high end foundation I've used. 

I got this after Kaushal Beauty recommended this. I had been struggling to find a good mascara for such a long time, so I'm glad that I found one that worked well for me. This mascara works really well in elongating my eyelashes but also makes them look thick without clumping my lashes together. I find the wand really easy to work with and I always get a good result work after just 2 coats. 

Earlier this year, I did a comparison post about an ABH dipbrow pomade dupe and I'm so glad it was a success! This pomade is only £5 and works so well. It's creamy and easy to work with yet it doesn't rub off throughout the day and your brows are looking just as strong towards the end of the day! 

I have been a loyal user of my MAC Pro long wear concealer but when I branched out into this I really fell in love. I do find that if my eye bags are particularly bad that day then this concealer doesn't cover as well. However, if you only have subtle discolouration or want to cover blemishes, this works really well. It's quite a watery formula, compared to the NARS concealers, but it's really easy to blend and it lasts pretty well. I'm still trying to find a way to use this without creasing as much but I do have quite wrinkly under eyes so I'm not sure I'm the best person to advise on that.  

I've spoken about this in my recent How to make your makeup last all day post. This has truly been a game changer when it comes to the longevity of my makeup. It's a cheaper alternative to the high end fixing sprays. I know a lot of people had issues with the powder residue but I always give it a quick shake before I use it and have never had that problem! Definitely one to try if you struggle with making your makeup last! 

If I had to pick one lip product to use in 2017, it would 100% be the Liquid Suede by NYX in the shade Soft Spoken. Oh my, I have used this so much these past few months. I love how easy it is to apply and how long it lasts throughout the day. For swatches, check out my review.

My second most used lip product is definitely the soft matte lip cream by Cannes. I have a few shades in this range but Cannes is my absolute favourite. It's such a wearable colour and looks great with my typical makeup looks. I think it's perfect for an all year round lip product and I love how comfortable it sits on my lips too! There are so many shades in this lip collection, I really want to build on my collection next year! 

This year I've noticed that my under eyes have gotten pretty bad. I think it's genetics that the skin under my eyes is pigmented and wrinkly. So I've been trying to make more use out of eye creams. The Origins eye cream is nice and refreshing and keeps my skin hydrated. I don't see any difference in wrinkles or pigmentation but I find my makeup lasts longer and looks better when I use this cream frequently.

This is my favourite perfume, by far! I am so glad I took the plunge and bought this perfume. It's such a sexy smell with notes of coffee beans and vanilla. It's the one perfume that I can recognise on other people when I'm out and about because it has such a distinct yet strong scent! I use this on special occasions and whenever I smell it, it brings back such good memories from this year! I love it! 


I've spoken about this scrub before as the game changing face scrub and it really and truly is. It's a gentle exfoliating scrub that makes your skin soft and smooth. I tend to break out a lot from scrubs but this scrub  is gentle enough that it doesn't cause any irritation.

This year I've been good and have avoided buying as many makeup brushes. I have so many and I feel quite content with my current collection. I did however, buy this fan brush for contouring. I love that this gives a subtle yet strong contour and it stops you from getting that harsh contoured line, which I like on others but not so much on me. This brush is so easy to blend products with too.

I've used the Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner for years, but I've been using this one recently and I have to say it's a great alternative! It's a little more pricey but more available. I like that the nib of this doesn't fray as easily and even after months of using it, I can still get a really sharp and precise wing. The actual product lasts really well and stays black throughout the day without flaking. 


Another product that I've been absolutely loving this year. This serum is probably the first product I've used in my night time routine that hasn't caused any breakouts. I love that this doesn't leave my face feeling sticky or greasy yet still gives my skin a nice plumped and healthy glow in the morning. I have a full review on this product too. 

The one thing that I hate about doing my nails, is waiting for the nail polish to dry. I always remember to do my nails at night and certain nail polishes take so long to dry that in the morning, I wake up with bed sheet creases on my nails. So when I came across this fast drying top coat, I had high hopes that it would work well - luckily, it did! It gives a glossy finish to my nails but is completely dry within a 2 minutes! I did a full review on this too!

I got so much love on this eye shadow palette on my blog. My review for this is probably my most viewed post ever! I got this as a Christmas present last year and I absolutely love it! I didn't really have high hopes for this but the shadows are so buttery and pigmented. The shadows last well and they're relatively easy to work with too! 

So that's my 2016 beauty products round up. One of my new years resolutions is to not buy any skincare/bodycare products until I finish the things that I have, so hopefully I'll have some more reviews in 2017! 

What are your favourite products of 2016?

Love Always, Neelam xx

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