Advent Calendar of Presents #4 | #BLOGMAS Day 20


You are all probably aware of my Advent Calendar of presents by now. But if you're not, I made one for my boyfriend for his Christmas present. Choosing a few main presents is a tough job so I thought I'd give him a bunch of fun gifts instead. Plus it's always nice to have more presents to open! If you want to see what else I got, check out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series. The final series will go live on Christmas Day..

Day 1 - Chocolate Coins
Can you tell that I was running out of ideas (and money)? But let's face it, December is the only month of the year where you don't feel as guilty for eating a bunch of junk food! So another bag of chocolate coins seems perfectly reasonable to me! 

Day 2 - Christmas Socks
I already gave a pair of these in the 2nd series.. but these ones are super cute and it always makes me laugh when I see a guy rocking a pair of bright funky socks whilst wearing their work attire. These were from Amazon and really affordable too! 

Day 3: Peroni Beer Glasses
I can guarantee you that my boyfriend will have Peroni whenever we go out So I was originally going to buy a few bottles of Peroni but then I came across these glasses and thought this would be a real nice touch! I bought these off of an online site called Drink Stuff and they were pretty affordable. They came really well packaged which I was really grateful for! I have to say it's a bit hit and miss though as I bought some Stella glasses for my Dad and Grandad for Christmas and they weren't the best of quality. There's a few minor alignment issues with them but nothing that was major. For the price, I think it's a good place to look!

Day 4: Bean Boozled Game
One of the best things about this festive season is getting together with friends and family and just having a good laugh. I've never personally tried these Jelly Beans but I've seen and heard so many funny stories about them! The idea is that for each coloured bean there's a nice flavour and a really disgusting flavour and each person takes it in turns to pick out a bean hoping it's a good flavour. I got these off of Amazon but I've seen them in lots of shops!! 

Day 5: The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream Set
I know this doesn't look very manly, but my boyfriend has started getting rough patches on his hands from lifting weights at the gym and I always take the mick out of him for it. So I thought a good hand cream would be a good laugh but also a handy present. I think this set looks really presentable and is a good stocking filler/secret Santa gift too.

I hope this post has helped you with gift ideas, if you would like to see what's inside the first 15 days of my Advent Calendar then definitely check out the posts below! 

Love Always,Neelam xxx

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