Christmas Present Advent Calendar #1 | #BLOGMAS Day 5


I've taken inspiration from Zoella this year and thought I would do my very own Christmas Advent Calendar of Presents for my Boyfriend. I really wanted to share what I got for him with you all but I didn't want to spoil any surprises as he does read my blog. So every 5th day of the month (up until Christmas day) I will be sharing with you what I have wrapped up. I think this will be helpful if you're struggling with gift ideas for a family member, friend or even if your participating in Secret Santa at work! A lot of the gifts are suitable for stocking fillers too!

So the idea is that every day in December, the person you are creating this calendar for, will have a gift to open. You can make these themed or just be personal gifts that you know have a nice meaning behind. As I don't live with my boyfriend, I purchased all the items before December had even started and wrapped them with labels and their numbers and gave him the huge sack of presents a few days before the 1st.  This way, every morning, he is able to open a present. I think it's such a lovely idea and you can be really thoughtful with the presents! 

Day 1: Lego Advent Calendar - Because one advent calendar isn't fun enough..
I took this idea from Zoella and thought it's such a cool idea! These days, gifted advent calendars are extremely popular and they come in great themes. My boyfriend was a huge fan of lego as a kid and also loves Star Wars. So this calendar is perfect for him! It's something differnt to the average chocolate advent calendar and therefore suitable for adults!

Day 2: Metallic T-shirt - I didn't want every present to be Christmas related, so I thought it would be nice to get some things that could be used througout the year. This T-shirt was something my boyfriend wanted after seeing Bieber wear it. He already has the red one that Bieber wore but he only got that after not being able to find this one. I managed to find it in stock online and ordered it off H&M.

Day 3: Chocolate Coins - Of course I had to chuck in some chocolate coins! It wouldn't be christmas without it! I was tempted to put a coin in each present but I was worried that they would drop off or melt!

Day 4: Poo Emoji Toy - I got this off Amazon and I think it's the cutest one I've seen. There are many emoji teddys out there that look really tacky but this one is super cute and I love that it doesn't slouch when standing up straight so you could put it on your desk or shelf!

Day 5: Lush Bath Bomb in Northern Lights - I remember my boyfriend being mesmirised in Lush when we went into the Oxford Street store. Finding one of these without glitter proved to be really difficult! In the end I settled for this as it's meant to shoot out product from each end - cool right?!

If you enjoyed this post or found it helpful to buy gifts, please let me know in the comments below! The next one is up on the Saturday 10th December!

Love Always,
Neelam xxx

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