Christmas Presents 2016


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed my attempt at #BLOGMAS. It was surprisingly harder than I expected to get all the posts up and on time. But I really did enjoy posting so frequently. For now, I'm going back to posting every Tuesday and Thursday, with the occassional posts on Sunday!

This year I got some really good presents and I wanted to share a few of them with you as you may be able to pick a few up in the sales.

I was so surprised when my parents got me this Ted Baker Wash Bag. It's something I had wanted for a while but had never really mentioned it to them. It's a great size and a gorgeous pattern. It's currently on sale on the official website too and they have a small matching wash bag to go with it.

I know it's silly but I always like getting things like slippers, pyjamas, socks, etc. So when I opened these I was glad that I got a good pair of slippers. These are from Tesco and they're really comfortable. I also love how cute they are, when I was at school I used to love the Me to You bears. 

How adorable are these socks?! They're from New Look and I thought they were so cute. I do like patterned and bold socks so I was glad to get these

This is quite easily one of my favourite presents. For my 21st birthday last year I got a Pandora bracelet from my friends at work, so throughout the year I've been gifted quite a few Pandora charms! I love the detail on this charm - I had no idea that they even had this charm! 

My two little cousins know that I love Lush. So they each choose a soap from Lush that I may like and they both did a pretty good job. They smell so refreshing and citrussy and I really can't wait to use them. I haven't used a lush soap in such a long time so I'm excited to use these again!

Finally, a present I actually knew I was getting as I got my parents to buy this when it was 20% off on Black Friday. I am soooo in love with this set. I had no idea the packaging would be so luxurious. I haven't yet worn the eyeshadows but I've swatched them and they are incredibly pigmented. I'm going to do a post on each of the palettes as you're still able to buy them individually and I think they each deserve their praise! 

So they're the main presents that I wanted to share with you. I hope that you all got what you wished for and I'd love to hear what you did get! 

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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