High End Make-Up | Beauty Haul #11


Over the past month I've decided to treat myself to a few high end makeup products. I've been eyeing up these products for a while now and I finally decided to splash out and get them. I'm likely to do a review on each of these products as I test them out a little and see how well they work, but for now I thought I'd show you what I think! 

When I was in Dubai I swatched the ABH highlighters and I have to say I wasn't too impressed, but after hearing a lot of good review on it I thought I'd take the risk and buy the Ultimate Glow Kit. I typically go for warmer highlighters so the colour range in this palette was right up my street! I also thought it was amazing value for 6 different shades as oppose to the 4 shades you get in the smaller palettes. When I first received it I was still a little sceptical, I personally found it a bit chunky for my liking, especially as I am used to my favourite Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter. But as I am testing out, I'm beginning to like it more and more! It lasts longer than my usual highlighters so I'm intrigued to see how much I like it after I've tried it some more! 

I've been eyeing up this foundation for the longest time, but I finally managed to pop over to the Debenhams in Oxford Circus where I got colour matched and decided to pick it up. This is a full coverage foundation which is the main reason why I bought it. Again, I haven't really tried this much but at the moment, I have nothing bad to say about it! I will say it takes a little longer to blend than a normal liquid foundation but it's working well so far that I can't really complain! It's the foundation of choice for nights out right now so I'm not sure of the longevity of it. But so far, so good. 

If you remember, this was on my wishlist way back in January! I've been admiring it ever since and I finally decided to buy it! I bought mine off Sephora however Tarte do ship to the UK. This palette has the best packaging by far! It's such good quality and the design is beautiful. The shadows have a kind of MAC Lipstick kind of smell, which I personally love. The shadows are amazing quality and even though I haven't had much wear out of it, I just know that it will be a new favourite of mine. I also love that it has a huge mirror on the inside of the lid. I'm so excited to use this palette! 

What new beauty products have you tried out this month? I'd love to know in the comments below! 

Love Always,Neelam xx

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  1. Oh wow I can't get over how beautiful those highlighters are - such pretty shades! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. They are stunning! The pictures don't do them justice either!! xx