Maxwell's Restaurant Review | #BLOGMAS Day 7


I recently discovered a new restaurant located in Covent Garden, called Maxwell's and I thought that it would be nice to share with you as it felt nice and festive inside! I had never heard of this restaurant before but we stumbled across it whilst shopping in Covent Garden and we thought we would lunch inside.

It's pretty big inside and oddly reminds me a of an American-style restaurant. We ended up getting the lunch menu which includes 2 courses and a drink for £10! The portion sizes were pretty big so this was definitely a good deal!

We all ended up ordering the same thing so I can't really review anything other than the food that I had. We ordered the baby rack of ribs, which actually is quite a lot of ribs to eat for lunch! They were incredibly good, but towards the end it did feel like there was too much BBQ sauce! These came with chips and an apple coleslaw which was all really good. 

For dessert we had a Salted carmel donut, which was essentially a glazed doughnut with salted caramel ice cream. In all honesty, despite it looking like heaven, the doughnut was pretty hard and tasted a little stale. 

However overall, I really liked this restaurant. It's good value for money and has quite a nice family-style vibe to it. The mains were better than dessert but for £10, you can't go wrong! Have you tried this restaurant? What are your favourite places to eat in Covent Garden?

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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