3 Motivating Ways to stick to your Fitness Goals


The chances are that you, reading this right now, have made some sort of resolution/goal to become more healthy or 'get fit'. As you know, this is my goal too! I am far from where I want my body to be. The picture above was me on a good day, but there are so many things I want to change and improve on. After the Christmas break, we all feel a little sluggish and getting back into your fitness regime can prove to be harder than expected. So today, I'm sharing with you, my 3 top ways of sticking to your fitness goals.. 

Prepare your workouts and meals
If you lead a busy lifestyle, whether that's at work or at school/uni, you probably don't have time to fit in an hour of Spin and spontaneously whip up a fancy meal every night. One way I've found to help me get the best of both worlds is to prep your workouts and meals before the week begins. I usually fit in workouts on days where I'm not at work and have half days at uni. If it's in my diary then I'm more likely to do it and after a while it becomes routine. I'm also trying to plan my meals for the week so that I'm less likely to run to McDonalds when I was too lazy to cook my lunch the night before. There are loads of meal prep videos on YouTube but I also like to look at Pinterest for quick and healthy recipes too!

Have a gym buddy
My best friend is one of my biggest motivations. She's always giving me advice on my diet and workouts and I find it so helpful to have somebody close to me to help me keep on track. Although we don't often get the chance to workout together, I always go to her for motivation and advice. 

Head to Instagram and Pinterest for inspo..
I am forever looking for new workout routines and moves to incorporate in my own routines and the first place I go to for inspiration is always Instagram. I follow quite a few fitness gurus and I do try a lot of moves from them. If you're new to fitness and don't really know where to start then the fitness accounts are definitely the way forward. I read somewhere that it's good to switch up your routines every now and then to engage different muscles and so I've been trying out new moves to get good results. Pinterest is also for full workout routines. It can be quite overwhelming with all the routines on there but if you're in a rut and need motivation then it's a good place to look.

What are your favourite ways to stay motivated?

Love Always,Neelam xx

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