5 Palettes Everyone Needs


A few months ago I did a post on some of the palettes that were on my current wishlist and as it did so well, I thought I'd share my 5 go to palettes that I highly recommend. I've recently been reaching for these palettes a lot and I always think palettes are great to travel with! 

Tartelette in Bloom
I was so impressed with this palette when I first received it. I couldn't believe how luxurious the packaging was. It has a nice sturdy case and the colours and design of this is truly beautiful. It comes with a full sized mirror and good sized pans. The shadows smell a lot like MAC lipsticks which I wasn't expecting! The shadows swatch really well but I initially wasn't blown away the first few times I used it. But after playing around with it for a while I've really liked using it and find I reach for it a lot. I love the range of colours in this palette and think it's perfect for anyone who loves a good neutral palette! 

How could I do a post about palettes without mentioning this bad boy? This is a cult favourite in the beauty industry and for good reason too! The colours in this palette are right up my street and it's my most used makeup item, by far! I love that you can create a simple day time look or a full blown out glam look. I don't think there's a colour in this palette that I haven't used! The packaging does feel a little cheap but the quality and pigmentation of the shadows themselves make it worthwhile. This palette has really set the standards high!

Morphe 9B
This palette is my most recent addition to my palette collection which you may remember me showing in my beauty haul post that I uploaded a few weeks ago! I've really been enjoying this palette. I love to wear blush and it's probably the makeup item that I have most of. I usually stick to neautral colours and so this palette was a perfect mix of neautral and bold colours but they are all perfect for my skin colour. I find that some neutral blush shades aren't very pigmented and don't show up too well on me. This palette works like a dream and I think if you're new to blush or want a variety of colours without spending too much then this palette is a great option. I love how pigmented these colours are too. The only negative to this palette is that the pan sizes are quite small. I use the Zoeva 127 brush for blush and I find that when I swirl it in one pan it slightly overlaps into others so I may need to venture into a smaller brush! 

Zoeva Caramel Melange 
Earlier this month I did a review on a few of the Zoeva eye shadow palettes and my favourite has to be the Caramel Melange palette! It's a neutral palette, surprise surprise. It's sleek and compact and has good sized shadow pans inside! I love that I can do a day to night look with this palette and it has all of my favourite coloured shades inside! If you want to see the full review and swatches of this palette, check my review post

Sleek Contouring and Blush palette
It's not often you find a palette that has a good contour and highlight shade in it, but this Sleek palette has it all! I love the Sleek contour shades in general and although this colour is really dark and pigmented, I find it works well at my tanner times (I have the shade medium). They're easy to blend and last well throughout the day too! The highlight shade is a subtle warm golden shade and gives a really nice natural sheen finish to your face! The blush is a little too warm and shimmery for my personal liking but I sometimes use it as a highlighter when I want a more glowy bronzed look. I don't think I could wear this as a blush. 

What are your go to makeup palettes? 

Love Always,
Neelam Jayna xxx

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  1. The Morphe 350 palette is gorgeous!! I have the 305M and use it all the time. I really want to try a Tarte palette! Out of all of these palettes, which one is your favourite?

    1. I'd have to say the Morphe 35O palette - purely because it's such good quality and the price is ideal! I recommend it to everyone. However, the Tarte eyeshadows are more readily available and the quality of the whole thing, including packaging, is incredible!! Thank you for commenting Amber! xx

  2. Ah I thought I was over the Morphe palettes hype but turns out I'm not, the 350 palette looks like it has so many pretty shades in it! I've just read a few mixed reviews so I never know whether to buy myself one of the Morphe palettes or not...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Ahh really! I've never read any bad reviews on it. I think it's worth it for the price! You get a bunch of great colours and the pay off is pretty good! I'm yet to come across another palette that really tops this one! x