Empties #2


 Over the past few months I've gone through a fair amount of products which is really rare for me as I tend to buy new things before finishing old products. However, I've been really good this year and tried not to buy new products until I genuinely need them. As a blogger, this is hard, as I want to test and review everything! But my bank balance has been grateful.

Most of you are aware by now that I love Soap & Glory bodycare. I go through so much of their products and yet always have back ups ready.  The sugar crush range is one of my favourites from Soap & Glory because it gives a nice fresh, zesty scent that really wakes you up in the morning. I also love that the smell lingers on for a little while longer once you've had your shower. 

I love John Frieda and think their products work wonders for my dry, frizzy hair! I particularly like this serum as I see a difference when I keep my hair straight or curly. It does a great job at controlling frizz without making my hair look greasy. I'm currently testing a few other products from the range but this is definitely a serum I'll be repurchasing in the future.

This is the second bottle of this moisturiser. It's such a simple, affordable moisturiser and yet it works so well for my skin. It really hydrates my skin without feeling heavy. I love that it isn't tacky but I feel that my skin is well moisturised and primed for my makeup. Although it doesn't make a significantly large difference to my breakouts, I do think it works well as an every day moisturiser. 

I really like these wipes because they are full of moisture and I feel like my skin is clean but not greasy after using them. Although, I still feel like I need to wash my face after using them just to give that extra freshness. I recently tried some wipes that are incredibly drying and it made me appreciate how moisturising these wipes felt. I guess the liquid in these wipes are what gives that fresh, dewy, look. But I like to use these just before going in with my facial cleanser and so I don't see the full effect. 

I've raved on about this serum on my blog before (see post here), so it's no surprise that I've finished a whole bottle of it. This serum is nourishing but not tacky and still lets my skin breathe. I like to apply this at night, after I've cleansed my face, just to let the moisture soak into my skin. I love how lightweight it is but I really do notice the difference in the morning when my skin looks plump and has a nice glow to it. I highly recommend this product!

I know that a lot of people rave on about this mascara but I honestly don't see the hype. Sure it separates your lashes, but personally that's not something that I look for in a mascara. I love a mascara to add volume and I'd have to use this mascara with another to get my desired finish.

I like this mascara, again, as a topper. I never really use this on it's own but I like the shape of the bristles and prefer it to the They're Real! mascara. I think it's easier to use and I find that it's thin enough to get right to the base of my lashes without going all over my lids. It is a nightmare to remove which I completely dread at the end of the day.

I love this mascara! It's definitely my current favourite and I've got a new one ready to go. This gives me long but fluttery lashes and is so easy to use. I love the wand and I love the finish. It's not too hard to remove at the end of the day but easy to get to the outer lashes and bottom lashes. It's a win win in my books! 

After using my L'Oreal false lash mascara, this wand was really difficult to use because it was so big! But it did give a nice finish once I got used to using it. It took a lot of time and patience to try and avoid getting mascara all over my lids, but it did thicken up the appearance of my lashes. I think this, paired with a thinner brush would be a perfect combination.

Love Always,
Neelam xxx

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