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I've spoken a lot about Zoeva brushes on my blog and seen as they are my favourite brand for makeup brushes, I decided to dedicate a whole post about the brushes that I have. I don't think I own a brush from Zoeva that has been disappointing, which is not something I can say about other brands. I love the quality and think they perform well even after multiple washes. Although I haven't splurged on a full set, I've been buying the individual brushes for years now. Zoeva is now a lot easier to get your hands on. They sell online on Beauty Bay, Selfirdges and more recently Cult Beauty. So let's crack on with my collection by talking about Zoeva's face brushes..

This brush is a rounded domed shaped brush which I love to use for my foundation. I find this blends products into my skin without leaving streaks or wiping half of my makeup off. It really does leave a silky finish. I also used this brush for blending cream contour, which again gives a beautiful natural finish. This is definitely in my top 3 Zoeva brush list. 

An angled, goat-haired brush is a brush that every body needs in their collection. It's perfect for blush, contour, bronzer and even highlighter! I personally use it for blush as you can tell by the pink-stained bristles! It's a brush that makes applying products super easy and you can easily go from a light dusting to a very precises finish. Which is what makes it great for multi-purposes. 

Although I like all of the brushes from my Zoeva collection, I actually own more eye brushes than I do face brushes. Purely because doing my eye makeup has become such a breeze with using the right tools. 

I have been use this brush so much lately! It's a relatively sturdy, short-haired, curved brush that applies shimmery/glittery shades really well. I sometimes will spray the brush with a setting spray to get a more intense look. But I also like to use this brush to apply shadow under my lower lash line. I hate pencil brushes for this as I find they're quite scratchy, but this brush doesn't cause me any irritation and feels really soft on the skin.

227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush + vegan
This is by far my favourite brush for blending. it's soft, fluffy and does a bloody good job! I find that the vegan version of this brush doesn't perform as well as the original. However, it's still a good blending brush to have! The main reason why I like this brush is because it's not scratchy at all. I can blend with this brush for hours and my eyelids won't be left in pain. This brush is a necessity! 

228 Luxe Crease Brush
This is a really nice fluffy brush too. I find that this is very similar to the 227 but a bit wider and better to blend out your edges. I tend to go in with this brush without using any eyeshadows so that I can really blend my look together. I love the Rose Golden Vol 2. range too! I think it looks so chic.

221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush

Again, another great brush for blending. My 227 still beats this brush but not by far. I think it's good to have a few blending brushes, especially when you're using multiple shades. I tend to use this for blending my outer V colours in with my main shadows. That way I get a seamless finish but there's still a lot of definition.

I don't reach for this brush as much now but I used to use this to add cream products onto my lids when my nails are too long to dig into pots. I like that this applies product well without picking up any product you already have on your skin. It does still require you to gently pat at the product with the warmth of your fingers but it's a handy brush to have in your collection. You can also use this brush to help you create a cut crease eye makeup look or clean up the edges of your brows or lipstick. 

142 Concealer Buffer Brush
This brush is another life saver for when I have long nails. I use this to get into my colour correcting pots so that I don't get my nails dirty. It's nice and sturdy and acts like the a tiny version of the 102 brush. If you contour your nose then this brush is perfect to help blend your products out. 

315 Fine Liner Brush
I've only just bought this brush as I needed a two of these. I typically use a e.l.f. one but that has seen better days. So I thought I'd buy one from Zoeva and see how that performs. I also like to have one for black eyeliner and one for brown eyeliner (so extra, I know).

Although I don't necessarily find the need for a brow brush to be angled, this is the only brush I have been using for the past few years! I love that I can do my brows quickly with this brush as it's longer than a normal angled brush. It's sturdy enough that I have great control when doing my brows but can also create really natural hair-like strokes. Which of course, is essential when doing your brows! I've lately started doing my brows a little darker than normal and I find that I can use existing products with this brush to get a fuller look without the need to buy a darker pomade.

317 Wing Liner Brush

I got this brush because I wanted to get better at doing winged liner with gel liner. I always used to use gel liner but I just find that liquid liner is easier to get sharper and thinner lines. However, I did find that this brush made it easier to do. I think if you're used to gel liners then this brush is really good.

What are your favourite brushes from Zoeva? If you have any brush sets that you recommend then do let me know in the comments below! 

Love Always,Neelam Jayna xx

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  1. I love Zoeva brushes, there are so many but the winged liner brush, angled contour brush and big powder brush are amongst my favourites. I also love one of their flat foundation brushes for applying face masks, amazing! Great post and stunning photos, thank you for sharing Neelam xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Oo I need to try the big powder brush! That'll definitely be next on my list. Thank you so much for reading xx